How to make your email campaigns successful

To succeed in an e-mailing campaign, the size of the database is not necessarily a good criterion. Faced with the abundance of e-mails received, Internet users are more and more demanding on the content of e-mails...

Create an effective database

It is often more profitable to administer an e-mailing campaign for one thousand well-targeted contacts than for one hundred thousand targeted contacts. The opening rates are much more efficient both in percentage in percentage as well as in number of opened e-mails. In the same way that one five times higher return rates can be expected. Thus, the quality and maintenance of your databases are directly linked to the to the deliverability of your campaigns. The cleaner your database is and set up in compliance with the collection rules, the better the the deliverability and the reading rate of your campaigns.

To ensure that Internet users will open a commercial e-mail, it is necessary to segment its clientele, creating homogeneous groups from socio-economic data and behaviors on the Internet. it can be the browsing history, data that the prospect has provided by filling out a questionnaire.

The solutions used to collect addresses and build a qualified database consist of organizing e-marketing actions offering an attractive and interesting counterpart for the Internet user. These actions can be contests, often organized for communication purposes or the results of an attractive study to interest your prospects. These actions can be relayed and amplified via your accounts on social networks, but beware, Facebook does not appreciate the direct use of its features to collect data from its members. It is better to host your contest or action on a specialized site or platform and use your social network only to communicate about your event and call on participants. For this purpose, there are also specialized platforms, often paying, to organize online contests and collect addresses for your prospecting files.

Once your database is set up, it must be maintained regularly and updated. To do this, it is advisable to clean the lists of recipients as and when you send them. You shouldn't keep email addresses that never get through.

Such addresses may have been maliciously registered by one of your competitors. They are likely to correspond to spamtraps, addresses voluntarily created and distributed on the Internet by access providers, anti-spam software publishers or anti-spam associations. This is done in order to set a trap for the spammer, whose collection method often consists of "sucking up" all the addresses available on the Internet. Thus, any e-mail received on these addresses is considered as spam. The sender and the sending IP address are then temporarily or permanently blacklisted. Optimal management of the database improves the deliverability of messages and saves money by only paying for the routing of useful e-mails.

A good list cleaning via unlimitedmailscheck and an unsubscribe function is a way to maintain the database.

The unsubscription mention must therefore be easily identifiable. It is essential to clearly indicate this mention. Otherwise, the recipient will try to unsubscribe by another means, by declaring your e-mail as spam via the "report as spam" button with his access provider. This process is much more penalizing because such complaints, from the recipients, will have a negative impact on both the deliverability of your future campaigns and the reputation of your sending domain.

Optimize the message

The first element to take care of in order to carry out a successful campaign is the title of the subject of the message. The subject constitutes, with the sender of the e-mail, what will make people want to open the e-mail or not. It is therefore important to pay special attention to it. attention to it. You should not hesitate to consider several objects before the campaign, in order to test the deliverability of the messages and messages and their opening rates. With internal tests, it is also possible to also possible to know if the message arrives in the spam box or not. Don't forget that the first words of the subject line are the most important:

It is advisable not to exceed the width of 600px so as not to have to use the horizontal scroll bar. For the body of the message, the text mail must be composed without background images.

For e-mailing campaigns, it is necessary to avoid too complicated messages. You have to design a simple and airy e-mail and redirect the recipient to a website with more elaborate content.