What is email deliverability and why is it essential?

Deliverability is a key element for the performance of your email marketing. E-mail deliverability is defined as the fact that e-mails sent by your company arrive at the right destination, in the inbox of your customers. Email engagements such as clicks, opens and spam complaints contribute to your email reputation. Higher rates of positive engagement increase your chances of reaching the inbox instead of getting stuck in a spam filter.

How to improve email deliverability

The content of your messages is important:
In order to ensure a high open rate, you should attach great importance to the subject line of the message. It should be short, clear, transparent and attention-grabbing.
never forget to include a link in the email to unsubscribe from your mailing list and make it quick and easy to do so.
It is your reputation as a sender that determines where your emails will land, the rate of reporting as spam.

Avoid bad targeting

If you target a non-targeted user, they will be irritated and may automatically place your email in the spam folder. In addition, you should choose a time that corresponds to the time when your contacts are most active. It is important to create a habit in sending your emailings.

Having a clean contact list

This is the basis for ensuring a good deliverability rate. If your list is not considered "clean", your email campaign is likely to be blocked by ISPs.
Your database contains two types of addresses that can damage your deliverability, inactive addresses and non-existent addresses.

Not removing these addresses will cause your deliverability rate to drop. You may be considered a spammer and you will no longer reach the main box of your contacts.
It is also important to know that some abandoned email addresses are used by ISPs as spam traps, allowing them to identify unwanted emails and classify senders as spam. They are left on websites voluntarily but are not listed. These addresses are difficult to detect because they look normal. Be careful when acquiring certain lists of cheap email addresses, collected wildly on the Internet, which sometimes contain spamtraps and can therefore harm your deliverability

checks and cleans your mailing lists for duplicates, invalid emails (fake emails, expired addresses, syntax errors...) so that you have a clean contact list.